Joe - Drums

From his humble roots growing up in a small town in central Illinois,
Joe's versatility and passion for playing drums has led him to
performing in numerous successful bands of varying styles. A veteran
of the Twin Cities music scene, Joe has occupied the drum chair for
the bluesy pop-rock band The Hillcats, the pop-funk band Search Party,
the variety band Atlantis--which included a stint performing aboard a
cruise ship in the Caribbean--the ABBA tribute band Abbasalutely, the
blues band Mojo, and the eclectic pop band A Series of Clicks and

Joe then finally settled into what he now considers his most beloved
style of music--country music--while playing in the band Daisy and the
Dukes. The band performed throughout the Upper Midwest at virtually
every country venue imaginable, including opening up for legendary
singers Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn and Neal McCoy at Moondance
Jammin' Country Fest in addition to having shared the stage with
former American Idol contestant/current country star Casey James as
well as the popular Minnesota bands Rocket Club and G.B. Leighton.

An in-demand drummer, Joe has also been featured in Modern Drummer
magazine and has taught private lessons for over 15 years. His wealth
of experience and talent are clearly evident in Copperhead Creek as
his slinky grooves and rock-solid backbeat never fail to bring a crowd
alive and out on the dance floor.

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